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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can We Help?

Can we do a trial lesson before committing?

Absolutely! We encourage your child to join a live online lesson to get to know about our teachers and study materials and see if it fits well with your child. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us and we will try to get your answers as much as we can.

My child is learning English as a second language. Can he/she still enroll in your class?

Yes, of course! We welcome students of all levels and we encourage your child to learn English through active engagement. We help your child to improve speaking his/her thoughts in front of other students besides learning phonics and grammar.

Do you have classes for homeschoolers?

Yes! Our curriculum is widely used for students from regular schools, charter schools, and homeschooling.

My beginning reader reads well by sight. Do I need a phonics program?

Yes, multiple research studies have shown that all students benefit from phonics instruction. Studies compared the progress of students instructed by sight methods to students instructed using phonics. Most phonics students made at least an additional grade level of growth when instructed to use phonics. Understanding how phonemes are represented and how they relate to writing and reading is essential for advanced reading development.

Do you include book clubs in your sessions? 

We do not specifically choose a book to read but our Language and Reading workbook covers poetry, articles, short stories, categorizing, parts of speech, sentence completion, clues and crosswords, book pages, weekly assessments, and other language concepts. Our teachers can also give you recommendations for books to read.

Why Blossom Hill Language and Arts?

- Our teaching environment is fun and with positive discipline. 

- We welcome new students with any level all year round. 

- Students can start, change, or leave our programs at their convenience. 

- We help our students to improve their logical thinking.

- 100% active engagement throughout word games, making their vocabulary list, reading stories together, etc. 

What is the payment schedule like? 

Students pay monthly, according to the number of classes held in that month.

Do you offer make-up lessons?

We kindly request that you let us know ahead of time so we can have your child have a make-up lesson in any of the parallel groups, with prior arrangements with the teachers. There are no refunds for missed classes.

What are the procedures for canceling enrollment? Refund Policy?

You do not need a commitment so you can cancel anytime but we give 90% refund of the full tuition. 

What are the class sizes?

We have a small group of four to six students. You are welcome to have your child pair up with his/her friends.

How do I know which level is right for my child?

We will ask you to schedule an appointment for a free evaluation on Zoom for your child to learn about the specific needs of your child. Parents are welcome to discuss that with the teacher in the assessment. Once the evaluation is done, each student will be assigned to the right class level.

What are the things my child needs for his/her lessons?

- A pencil, an eraser, and a few pieces of blank or ruled paper.

- Print-outs of the workbook. (Your child's teacher will post a few pages of the workbook that your child will be working on for the next lesson ahead of time on Google Classroom).

Is there homework?

Yes. Our teachers will post homework weekly on Google Classroom We would kindly like to ask parents to print out homework for their child and submit a photo of completed work via Google Classroom. Homework is due a day before the next session.

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